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Funky...Funky Soul


A DVD of the Billy Price Band's 90-minute performance at the Belgium Rhythm & Blues Festival in 2003.


1. Introduction
2. Fried Chicken
3. Gonna Forget About You
4. Nickel and a Nail
5. Ace of Spades
6. Further on Up the Road
7. Your Time to Cry
8. Eldorado Cafe
9. Can I Change My Mind
10. Is It Something You've Got
11. Do What You Think is Best
12. You Better Believe It
13. I've Been Searching
14. Let Yourself Go
15. Drowning on Dry Land
16. Bump and Grind
17. Ain't It Funky Now
18. Back From the Dead
19. You Left the Water Running
20. Mother in Law Blues


Contact Information
Billy Price Band
1803 Madison Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217


Festival and concert bookings:
Kimberly Horton

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