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Billy Price & Fred Chapellier Live On Stage - CD + DVD Now Available
I'm excited to announce the arrival of this new CD and DVD package from DixieFrog Records. It documents two great nights at Espace Manureva in Charleville-Mezieres , France in May 2009 during our Night Work tour. Musicians are me and Fred Chapellier a... more

Billy Price CDs and DVDs Make Great Holiday Gifts
When you think about gifts this holiday season, we hope that you will consider our CDs and DVDs for the music lovers in your life. In particular, our latest CD with French guitarist Fred Chapellier, Night Work, continues to get great reviews like thi... more

Billtown Blue Notes March 2000, vol. 5.2
by Dr. Dave Stratton.
P.O. Box 935
Williamsport, PA 17703-0935
(570) 323-1624
FAX: (570) 321-7277

I was born in 1955, the same year as rock and roll. As I've matured (at least in age), so has the music, at least in terms of the number of categories--metal, grunge, techno, classic rock, etc. etc. etc. One thing hasn't changed, though--a great song is still a great song--and there are ten of them on the new Billy Price disc, "Can I Change My Mind." Ever since he disbanded the Keystone Rhythm Band in disgust over record company politics in 1990, Price has done it his way--on "Danger Zone" (1993) Billy started paying tribute to his musical heroes, including Percy Mayfield and Bobby "Blue" Bland. On "The Soul Collection" (1997), Price added James Carr, Eddie Hinton, Don Covay, Arthur Alexander, Syl Johnson and O.V. Wright to the list of "second-line" (in other words, almost unknown) soul pioneers he reveres. "Can I Change My Mind" takes a different approach--this time, Billy recorded new songs with an unknown living legend--Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams, who wrote eight of the ten selections and produced the project. The good news? Billy has never sounded better. Track by track, this is classic soul "adult music, the sound of people who have been taught painful lessons but have absorbed the education fully" (from liner notes to "Danger Zone", written by Geoffrey Himes of the Washington Post). From the disc's opener, "Crack Crack (When Are You Coming Back)" through to the superb "Pass The Sugar" (with the immortal lines "pass the sugar, put it right here on my lips, I can taste the sugar, on your sweet, fine cinnamon hips"), Billy Price creates a mood, a feeling that transforms your emotions into his emotions--the sign of a singer true to the soul within him. With his talent, I don't know why Price never made it nationally. But maybe that is for the best, because he doesn't have to please anybody but himself. (FYI: Billy's contemporary, Peter Wolf, ex-lead singer of the J. Geils Band, released the superb album "Fool's Parade" as a tribute to the soul singers he loves last spring to great critical acclaim but mediocre sales--because of little record company support). "Can I Change My Mind" stands as proof that being true to yourself and the sound you want to create is the secret to soul success. ("Can I Change My Mind" is available through Billy's website - www.billyprice.com - where you can also download many Price rareties).

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