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Billy Price: East End Avenue

BluesRag: Official Newsletter of the Baltimore Blues Society
Volume 21, Issue 5, August 2006

Pittsburgh’s Billy Price has been recording soul, funk, and blues for over 30 years. East End Avenue is, by far, his best album for a number of reasons. Thirteen of the 14 songs are originals (the only cover is the Dan Penn ballad, "Faithful and True," by the late Z.Z. Hill). Five tunes were co-composed by Price and the husband and wife team of Jon and Sally Tiven (who have worked with Wilson Pickett, Sir Mack Rice, Little Milton, and Ellis Hooks to name a few), six were penned by songwriter Mike Sweeney, one by stellar keyboardist Jimmy Britton, and one by the Tivens with Ellis Hooks. The variety herein includes infectious, sing-along street harmony soul with the title track, a universally appealing reminiscence of a youthful hangout, and the breezy stroller, "Soul Sailin’," both penned by Sweeney; a strident blues shuffle and song of the year candidate "Keep It to Yourself," with Price glibly testifying to misinformed malcontents, perpetual victims of circumstance, and those whose lives are one long emergency that silence is golden; another song of the year candidate with Britton’s salacious slab of Nawlins R&B, "If You Cook Like You Walk; slinky shuffle-bumps like "She Left Me with These Blues, "Sweet Mistreatin’ Love," and "Only Two Lovers" ; several deep ballads that explore the vicissitudes of modern romance; and "Funky Like Dyke, Part 2," an ultra-funky homage to one of Price’s heroes, the late Arlester "Dyke" Christian (of Dyke & the Blazers, best known for the original version of "Funky Broadway" from 1967 on the small Original Sound label, it preceded Wilson Pickett’s better known version on Atlantic by several months). A tragic figure who was shot to death in Phoenix in 1971 at age 28, Dyke’s music has been championed by Price for 30 years. Price’s set closer for years was Dyke’s "Runaway People." Dyke has also been covered by J. Geils Band and Bobby Radcliff. (I highly recommend the indispensable Funky Broadway: The Very Best of Dyke & the Blazers on Collectables.)

Not only is Price in excellent voice throughout, crooning and hollering with equal aplomb, his current band is his best since the much beloved Keystone Rhythm Band of the 1980s. Fortuitously, KRB drummer David Ray Dodd is back in the fold; his intimacy with Price’s muse is a difference maker live and on record.

These impeccably crafted songs are performed with fervor, panache, and scintillating soul. Saxists Rick Matt and Eric DeFade and trumpeter Joe Herndon provide a wall of sound and solo with wild abandon. Britton’s keyboard work is simply magnificent. East End Avenue succeeds on every level and is Billy Price’s finest moment on record. Not only is it an essential purchase for his fans, it’s also a great introduction for those unfamiliar with the East Coast King of Blue-Eyed Soul.

-Thomas J. Cullen III

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